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mflow has given us two pairs of tickets to their “Calm before the storm” party, featuring acoustic sets from two hotly-tipped musicians, Lauren Pritchard and Pete Lawrie at Ronnie Scott’s on 15 April (from 5.30pm).

To win a pair of these tickets, download mflow from, using the invite code LBM2277 and answer the following question:

What is the name of Lauren Pritchard’s debut EP on mflow?

The first two people to email the correct answer to will win tickets and + ones.

What’s mflow?

You might already be aware of mflow, it’s a new legal music discovery and sharing app which is a cross between Twitter and iTunes, currently in private Beta.

The way it works is that you are recommended music by people binary options indicators that you follow and in turn you can recommend music to your followers. And then, if you buy the music which is recommended to you, the person who recommends it gets 20% of what you paid credited to their account to say “thank you”.  (The NextWeb described it as “the social iTunes which pays its users”)

Well the nice people at mflow have given members of the London Bloggers Meetup early access to mflow to try it out before it goes public later this month.
So, if you’d like to rub shoulders with the likes of Zane Lowe, PopJustice, and NME on this social network with music at its heart then go to, download the app and use the code LBM2277

Things like integration with Twitter and Facebook and blog-ready widgets are all in the pipeline before the public launch, but even without them it’s frighteningly addictive…

If you’d like to know a bit more about mflow before-hand, or to write it up, then do check out their blog, SMNR, or follow @mflow.

And if you’d like to know what others are saying about it first of all, try the Guardian (who describe mflow’s as “Twitter’s hipper little brother”), Stuff, or LBM’s very own Laurence Borel’s blog.

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I don’t know if any of you have been following recently, but they’ve been taking giant strides to work with and talk to bloggers about what they’re up to. One of their initiatives has been the monthly ‘oh you lucky bloggers’ top 50 chart, which I should point out I’ve been involved with. That said, I do not create the rankings!

I just wanted to highlight that 13 of the top 50 blogs are part of the London Bloggers Meetup Community, that’s just over a quarter.  It just goes to show what I’ve always said, that LBM is full of phenomenally interesting and talented people. Nice to get some recognition!

For more on and oh you lucky bloggers, check out the blog. To see who’s on the list from LBM, see below…

oh you lucky bloggers from

oh you lucky bloggers from

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I’m Actually a Midlander

Greene King IPA RevolutionThe last edition of the London Bloggers Meetup was in actual fact a little while ago now, sorry it’s taken so long to blog about it folks. However, that does not mean it was anything other than another fantastic evening. I have to say we had more than the usual number of new faces, perhaps all of the beer bloggers who turned up to hear from Greene King IPA tipped the balance, who knows. What I can tell you was this made for an interesting evening with a nice mix of bloggers, beer aficionados, regular LBM’ers and good old fashioned regular bloggers.

I thought John Bexon, the Head Brewer from Greene King IPA was a fantastic speaker. In fact, had we been at a beer convention and not a bloggers meetup, I could probably have sat and listened to him for another couple of hours. Check out his blog and also a fantastic looking iPhone app too – the iBrew.

John talked about the difference in the tastes between the North and South versions of Greene King IPA and I have to say from memory the Northern version was more to my liking. But being a proud midlander I’d be keen to see a version just for us – although you might say that given so much beer is brewed in the midlands around Burton-on-Trent and so on that all beer is made for us anyway… It was certainly a pleasure to draw some prize winners out of the ice bucket so congrats to those who won rugby tickets, weekends away or just good old beer. Do come back and let us know how you enjoyed your prizes.

Following on from John we had Lorena Sparenberg talking about the fantastic work in Madagascar from charity Azafady. As a quick reminder about Azafady:

Azafady works with local people to conserve threatened forests situated along 70 km of coastline, home to countless endemic and endangered species. Our aim is to help the poorest communities in Madagascar to empower themselves and develop in sustainable ways, increasing local access to health care and education. A core priority is to conserve the delicate ecosystems of Madagascar through facilitating viable alternatives to deforestation. Our projects and volunteer programs are at the frontline of global conservation and development work, with integrative and innovative projects which emphasise training, capacity building and education geared towards helping local people to help themselves.

If you want to help out, drop me a line and I’ll put you in touch with Lorena. I think largely Lorena is looking for help on how to make the most of their blog and other social media to raise the profile of the charity and I’m sure there are more than a few social media experts in the crowd who could add some value!

All that’s left is to thank Greene King IPA Revolution and Consolidated PR again for hosting us. It truly was an thoroughly enjoyable evening and I’m grateful for the samples we took home too. I tucked into the Rutland first, given that’s just down the road from where I call home and so far so good. Of course great to meet so many bloggers again as usual, too many to name check, but I’m pleased you were all able to attend. You can see ome photos of the evening below and also here and here.

Greene King IPA Revolution at the London Bloggers Meetup

Greene King IPA Revolution at the London Bloggers Meetup with Lawrence Dallaglio

Did anyone else spot Lawrence Dallaglio when he popped in for a pint…?

Greene King IPA Revolution at the London Bloggers Meetup

Photos couresty of Consolidated PR

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Are you a Northern monkey or a Southern fairy?

Welcome LBM’ers to The Great Greene King IPA North v South Pub Quiz

Which do you prefer, a Cornish pasty or a hearty Lancashire hotpot? Do you pronounce bath, ‘baff’ or ‘barthe’? Your answers will define you as a northerner or southerner at heart.

In celebration of Greene King IPA’s Cask Revolution beer engine, which offers drinkers a choice of a northern or southern style head on their pint, play our north v south quiz, email your answers to with the heading ‘North v South’ and stand a chance of winning some great prizes courtesy of Greene King.

First up though, in your view where do you think the north starts? We will reveal the best answers and where the ‘mythical’ divide begins on the night.

Quiz questions

1. What is the main ingredient of northern delicacy black pudding?
2. Where do ‘stottie cakes’ originate from?

3. The Tan Hill Inn is the highest pub in Great Britain at 1732ft above sea level. But in which county is it located?
4. Once inhabited by the Romans, what are the Northern city of Eboracum and Southern town of Camulodunum now known as?

5. Cornish pasties are a popular Southern food, but why do they traditionally have such large crusts?

6. If you told someone that you were “gannin doon boozah wi wor lass”, what would you be intending to do?

7. Does a Northerner or Southerner traditionally prefer the head on their pint to be a ‘smooth and creamy’ rather than ‘clear and crisp?’

8. Greene King IPA is the official beer of three rugby union teams. Name all three of them

9. Jack and Annie Walker were the first landlords of which famous fictional Northern pub?

10. Which famous figure is the current landlord of the Punchbowl in London?


The prizes will be announced at the London Bloggers meetup and you must attend the event on the 17th February in order to collect a prize.
The promoters decision is final and binding in all matters
 No cash alternative
Prize is non transferable
One entry per person
Closing date – (Tuesday 16th February at 12 midday)

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